W7 Cosmetics Prime Magic Camera Ready ~ Anti Redness

I’ve always had quite a pale complexion & struggled finding the perfect concealer & foundation that blend to hide my blemishes…without leaving me looking orange also😁!! Then the beauty world gave us girls the gift of primers and my days of  wearing mismatched concealer or & foundation were over…YEAH!! My friend recommended the Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion £19:50 which I loved & it became my regular primer I’d purchase from my local Debenhams.

For those of you who don’t know (cue shocked gasp ) what primers are, they are mainly applied after moisturising but before your foundation to help set your make up. I’d simply dust my face with my Sheer Cover minerals foundation powder after for smooth au’natural looking skin then apply my make up.

Sadly as my beauty budget got tighter I had to find one that was as good quality & was suitable for my skin but much more affordable..quickly! Then about a month ago my prayers were answered by W7 Cosmetics.

 After I was browsing my local drugstore for a clear top coat nail polish I spotted what looked like a green face mask. Which luckily for me turned out to be  Prime Magic Camera Ready anti redness which at only £3:99 seemed a pretty fab little price tag so I had nothing to lose but maybe something to gain😉!

 As you can see it is quite Green in colour but as soon as applied to skin it becomes completely clear. It has a lovely texture, its extremely silky & leaves your skin feeling soft & velvety.  I found a little goes a long way with this product. After my daily cleanse, tone & moisture routine I applied a small amount of Nars Creamy concealor to my dark under eye area & blended with a brush.

Next I applied the Prime Magic Camera Ready anti redness all over my face paying a little more care to around my cheeks & under my nose which get quite red. I immediately noticed a big difference in my complexion and after applying the rest of my make up which did not include liquid foundation just Sheer minerals Powder and my W7 Cosmetics The Honey Queen bronzer was extremely pleased with the results, have a look for yourself at the difference! 

 I look so different, my skin tone looks even, glowing & I’m not even wearing a liquid foundation! I love this primer & use it on a daily basis now. I would definitely recommend trying this little gem. 💞 Leanne xx


Golden Passion EDP verses DKNY Be Delicious…is it worth the lower price tag? 

I asked Ellens Cosmetics  if I could do a blog for them after the great response from their Laval Fuchsia lipstick I won from them on a Twitter competition. I was extremely pleased when I was told I could choose a perfume from their site to review. The perfumes are all dupes of your favourite designer perfumes but at much, much more affordable prices! So this review was to test out the more affordable version against the real perfume. I’d asked to compare their Please Me EDP as it claimed to be similar to Armani Diamonds & as I owned this perfume could easily really compare them. When the perfume arrived it was a different one than I’d been expecting so I had to take a few trips to the perfume counter before I could review it properly & get the best results.
I was sent out Golden Passion EDP 100ml £5:99 which says ” if you love DKNY Golden delicious compare this!

 Golden Passion EDP 100ml £5:99 from the lovely Ellens Cosmetics shop.   #SmellAlikeperfume

 The first thing I noticed was how lovely the packaging is, it certainly is a Golden delight when I opened the box. The bottle is a beautiful gold colour shaped like an apple, the lid even has the little stem on top, perfect attention to detail on that part☺️👌🏻!!  It’s also not one of those cheaper perfumes where the lid never quite seems to stay in place or breaks easily..I’ve had this perfume for almost 2weeks out & about with me in my handbag ( which is usually filled with everything but the kitchen sink ) and it’s never cracked leading to spilled perfume. So how does the fragrance compare to DKNY Be Delicious?… which is much pricier at around £60 – £67 depending where you purchase it from.

The scent of DKNY Be Delicious is described as a bright, fruity & refreshing unique fragrance. It’s top notes feature apple violet leaf, magnolia and grapefruit. The heart of the perfume is notes of Tuberose, Lily of The Valley Cucumbers Rose & violet which is finished with its sensual base notes of Sandalwood, Amber & musk. When testing this fragrance I could immediately smell the crisp sweet apple & grapefruit fruity scent followed by the exotic floral bouquet of flowers, it was absolutely gorgeous & a noticeable but certainly not overpowering scent.

The Golden Passion EDP is also made up of these notes but the top note is Orange flower water, sparkling Mirabelle and the signature apple of Be Delicious. It’s middle notes are also a mix of the same exotic flowers such as Casablanca Lilly, White Rose & Vanilla Orchid also finished with  bottom notes of Sandalwood and sensual musk.   When I tested this fragrance it did smell incredibly similar, the sweet fruity notes came through first blending in with the floral notes & again was noticeable but not OTT or sickly sweet either…I was very impressed with how similar both scents were! 

So after reviewing & testing the Golden Passion EDP my conclusion is that its almost identical to the designer version from the refreshing, delicious scent & the gorgeous detailed bottle. The only thing I could say against it is that it doesn’t have as much staying power.  I did find myself having to re-spritz in the evening but for the incredible price difference that’s certainly not something that I’d let stop me from purchasing it! So if you’re looking for that gorgeous new scent but it’s a tad expensive & you want something not just similar but almost identical then pop over to their site & have a look.

With 131 woman’s fragrances to choose from you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice & with the fantastic price tags afford 2/3 bottles instead of just one…a lady can never have to many perfumes after all 😉 Also don’t forget they have a vast range of lovely lippies,  blushes, perfect nail polishes  foundations & more all of which and the  prices can be found here on their site, Ellens Cosmetics Shop.

Thank you for reading beauty’s & I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing this. I always love comments so what are your thoughts…would you save the pennies or just go for the designer brand? 💞 Leanne xx

Totally Fudged Handmade Fudge~ Madagascan Vanilla & *New* Himalayan Sea Salted Caramel Flavours Review

I remember the day I discovered Totally Fudged known to their devoted #FudgeFriends as Ed & Jim, like it was just yesterday! I’d completely shunned a favourite childhood treat as  it became more & more dull in colour, taste & texture, why waste pennies on poor quality fudge? Then just before Christmas 2014 I won a bag of their of Sea Salted Caramel flavour & my love for fudge was instantly rekindled…it was a taste sensation & I instantly wanted… actually needed more. Ed & Jim were recently incredibly generous taking my love of their incredible fudge ( and a few subtle hints 😉 from moi ) into consideration and sent me out a box of Madagascan Vanilla, their first Totally Fudged flavour and also a box of the newest addition to the family, Himalayan Salted Caramel flavour to sink my teeth into..so I could review them.

Before I start the review I’d just like to write a few words about my fab Fudge Friends Ed & Jim who are by far  2 of the most genuine, kind, professional guys I’ve ever known. They are extremely passionate and dedicated to providing their customers with the best fudge that they won’t ever skimp on the highest quality ingredients or use modern machinery to do all the hard work for them. They make sure every crucial step is perfect in each homemade batch or will start from scratch again…just for you! They also include a personal note to you with your order of their delicious fudge which makes it even more of an extra special treat.

The first thing I noticed was how much the packaging had changed since they’d just launched which wasn’t very special,  just a plastic bag with a cute little felt Santa hat. Now it reminded me of more posher brands with its simple yet sleek shaped cardboard box & the eye-catching labels ( both the front & back ) with the trademark Totally Fudged logo, the flavours written in an elegant font & badge icons to all the social media sites you can find them on. Then on the back label of your box of beloved fudge Ed & Jim add a personal touch by addressing you…

Dear Fudge friend. All our delicious fudge is handmade by us ( Ed & Jim ) in a traditional family kitchen. We are seriously passionate about making only the best lasting natural fudge. Which also means you’ll never find any nasty preservatives listed below! 🙂

I was extremely impressed with the new look & I think (well for me & my friends who love Totally Fudged ) that Ed & Jim’s personal touch to their products make them that little bit more extra special than other brands & you can trust them to deliver on their promise of bringing you the highest quality & exceptionally delicious fudge. Ok now to my favourite part of this review the taste testing of the fudge & would the *new* Himalayan Salted Caramel taste as delicious as my favourite Salted Caramel flavour?  

 I decided to start with the Madagascan Vanilla flavour & to really test it out asked my Fiancé to sit in on the tasting (which he was more than happy to oblige me with😉) & give me his feedback too. Totally Fudged pride themselves on not using artificial ingredients such as Marshmallow creme which gives their fudge a lovely crumbly consistency. The vanilla flavour wasn’t sickly at all which I’d come to expect with other brands, it was smooth, creamy and you could really taste the Madigascan Vanilla seed as it delightfully melted in your mouth. I’d never thought I would enjoy the Vanilla flavour as much as I did but it was so airy and light I could have easily ate the whole bag. Next up was the Himalayan Salted Caramel which I was eager to see if it could match the divine, delectable predecessor,  The Salted Caramel flavour which it didn’t match….it completely surpassed it!!  At first you taste the smooth sweet caramel flavour and then suddenly the  super saltines hits your tastebuds giving you a taste explosion in your mouth. The Himalayan rock sea salt is more salty but in a decadent way infusing just perfectly with the sweet caramel & also has the soft, crumbly texture. Trying to describe just how heavenly and divine this flavour tastes is almost impossible…it’s one that you really have to try for yourself to fully appreciate it.

If you’re a fudge lover or are looking for a special sweet treat for family & friends then you definitely need to stop by Toally Fudged’s website, here’s the link, http://www.totallyfudged.co.uk & place an order. They have 3 delicious flavours, Madagascan Vanilla~ Double Chocolate and Himalayan Sea Salted Caramel. At the fantastic price of only £9:00 for 3x 150g bags you can try each flavour or just pick 3 bags of the flavour that sounds the most delicious to you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as I certainly enjoyed reviewing what I consider to be 100% the most amazing fudge I’ve ever tasted!! I love hearing back from you so when you purchase this please let me know what you think & which is your favourite flavour? 💞Leanne xx

Boozi Bodycare Cocktails range~ Cheeky Woo Plump 🍑Peaches & Juicy Cranberries Nouirshing Body Cream and Excotic Passion fruit & Sweet Peach Champagne Bellini Body Mist🍑

I’d always wanted to try the Boozi Bodycare range, it’s cocktails & Bodycare products…two things us girls love! So to say I was excited and delighted when the the lovely lady behind this fabulous brand, Suzi. McCarthy generously sent me some samples to try out is an understatement 😀!!

The Boozi Body Care range was first established by Suzi. McCarthy in 2013 & her dedication & hard work started to pay off at incredible speed! In October 2014 her Hand Creams won silver in the Pure Beauty Awards quickly followed by winning the Theo Paphitis Small Business Award in December 2014 also! The range includes 8 different delicious scents, Creamy Coconut Daqauri ~ Refreshing English Fizz ~ Sweet French Martini ~ Peach & Passion fruit Bellini~ Tropical Pina Colada ~ Cheeky Woo woo ~ Cool Mango & Ginger Margarita and Glitzy Kir Royale…all sound delicious so it’s not hard to find a scent you’ll want to try or maybe spot your signature favourite cocktail already. They cover all body care from Hand Creams, Body wash, body mists, bath foam, even lip butters!! * all the Boozi BodyCare products are Paraben free*

I was sent out the Cheeky Woo Woo Body Cream 250ml £7:95 & also the Exotic Passion Fruit & Sweet Peach Champagne Bellini Body Mist 50ml £5:95 which were the 2 products I said I’d love to try, so thank you Suzy ☺️ and here’s my honest review of the Boozi BodyCare Products.

Let’s start with the Cheeky Woo Woo Nouirshing Body Cream which I’ve been using regularly on my skin for just over 1 week, once daily, to get proper results as your skin needs time to adjust to a new product. First off I have to comment on the gorgeous vibrant coloured packaging that ties in with the particular cocktail theme, looks good enough to drink…but obviously don’t lol 😉 It comes in a handy dispenser pump bottle which I find so much less messy and quicker for applications.

 The first thing I noticed was the divine fruity smell of the Peaches & Cranberries scent but it wasn’t an OTT fragrance but had a beautiful subtle scent that lasted all day, I couldn’t stop smelling myself!  The formula was a lovely consistently & absorbed quickly  leaving my skin soft and smooth. The blend of derived coconut oil moisturisers & grapeseed oil left my skin ( I’ve sensitivedehydrated skin ) incredibly hydrated which I wasn’t expecting & was extremely pleased with. After 9 days of daily usage my skin feels soft & nourished, looks great & smells amazing so I’m extremely pleased with the results😃!!

Next up was the Excotic passion fruit & Sweet champagne Bellini Body Mist which smelled sooooo fantastically fruity I could smell it even in the unopened package I received😃!  The packaging is the same fun style to tie in with the colour of the cocktails theme, a peachy toned glass glass bottle with a sleek silver neck & black dispenser. It’s the perfect size to keep in your handbag for refreshing when out & about…but it’s the scent that really matters isn’t it, did it really smell Boozi? The answer is yes, yes, yes! After a bath I sprayed the mist onto my clean unperfumed skin so I could really test the fragrance. The crisp Champagne Boozi scent hit my senses first  followed by the fruity & fresh aroma of the exotic Passionfruit & sweet Peaches.

 The sweet peaches & Passionfruit make a perfect fruity combination and these notes really come through. I also sampled the body mist wearing a perfume with similar notes & it gels lovely as it’s a light scented mist, I prefer to wear one or the other though usually. I never thought I’d use a body spray\mist that smelled so heavenly I’d wish I could pop a straw in & drink it…with this one though I really do! 

I would never of thought of trying an alcohol themed body product on my skin before but after sampling the Boozi BodyCare products I will definitely be buying more as they’ve worked amazingly on my skin\body and have that special twist of a luscious Boozi inspired scent. Their prices are mid range and for the quality of the products are indeed worth it!

I highly recommend this innovative & fun range, they’d make a fabulous fruity gift for someone or a great little treat for yourself 😉!  All the products & prices can be found on their website here, http://boozibodycare.com/ so stop by, have a browse, buy whichever products take your fancy & I promise you won’t be disappointed. Leanne xx

*these products were sent to me to review but all my opinions of these are my own & honest* 

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics 12 Days Of Christmas Set 2014


I know Christmas has long gone although it’s spring & with this  miserable weather this will definitely give you a warm glorious glow! It’s the amazing Lush 12 days of Christmas set , with its beautiful Hans Christian  Anderson inspired design. It’s so lovely packaged like a magical fairytale book, i still remember unwrapping the gold bow off to open it☺️!! 

 It was an absolute delight seeing & smelling of course the Xmas themed range of goodies, there’s 4 rows along & 3 u,p all 12 gifts neatly & safely packaged up. I was a tad sceptical that they’d all be in tact as the bathbombs, bath melts are very fragile but they were in perfect condition!

 I hadn’t had many Lush Cosmetics  before, their soap & the odd bathbomb now & again so was in heaven when I got this, they are all so unique, big & gorgeous I wanted to show you them one by one but I’ve split them into segments. *p.s I will do  posts on each item after using them*

  Honey I washed the kids soap bar 250g: This caramel\toffee scented soap is for soothing & softens your skin with its properties of honey & aloe Vera gel. In the words of Lush “It’s like washing with crème brûlée in solid form”. 

Dashing Santa bathbomb 100g: This citrus scented Santa with his gold lustre boots goes whizzing around your bath. It releases its uplifting mandarin based scents.

Hot toddy Shower Gel 100g: This gorgeous ruby red ginger & cinnamon spice scented, gold lustre shower gel is all about Christmas. “A sparkly shower gel with Christmas spice & all things nice”, in the words of Lush.

Lord Of Misrule Bathbomb 200g: This green speckled bathbomb is a spicy scented one with a blend of patchouli & black pepper scent. It was inspired by the ruler of pagan feast of fools & ” creates a wine coloured mystically scented bath”.

Celebrate body lotion 45g: A rich moisturising & skin softening Citrus lotion with an added dash of cognac to make your skin merry.

Golden wonder Bathbomb 200g : This pretty Xmas presents shaped bathbomb with lime oil & ” the uplifting scent of a sparkling cocktail”, is a wonder to behold. One of the most popular bathbombs as it gives you a gold lustre filled bath.

 The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g:  This is made with fair trade olive oil, fresh mandarins bergamot oil & vine leaves for super soft skin. Its beautifully scented & can even be used on your hair.

Cinders BathBomb 100g: A smaller bathbomb that’s  yellow with popping candy on top for a crackling warm comforting bath. This has a hot fruit punch scent, with cinnamon leaf oil & sweet orange oil.

Karma Soap bar 250g: It’s all about the fragrance with Karmas uplifting mood scents. A blend of patchouli & sweet orange oil for an exotic & relaxing bath, with gold flecks to leave your skin shimmering & refreshed.

Holly Golightly bubble bar 200g: This Christmas scented bubble bar looks good enough to eat, with a thin layer of silver lustre & it shares the same scent as Hot Toddy too! The top note is cinnamon with added patchouli, lime, sweet orange oil ect for a comforting bath.
Star Light Star Bright bath melt 40g: Crush this under warm running water and watch as your bath water turns a deep turquoise, while the silver lustre spreads a shimmering trail. With a blend of Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil & more for soft skin.

Snow Angel Bath Melt 100g: This is part bath bomb & part bath melt made with fair trade organic coco butter and has a marzipan like scent. It’s moisturising & leaves skin silky smooth for a shimmering lustre filled bath.

 So that’s a little peek (if you hadn’t seen it or owned it yourself 😉) of my Lush Cosmetics 12 Days Of Christmas set. You’re probably thinking “it’s amazing why haven’t you used them if you got them at Christmas time”? Well our house only has a big walk in shower waiting for our new bathroom to be installed, hopefully very soon!! I’ve used the shower gels, soap bars & body butter though I am dying to try my full set, especially The Golden Wonder bathbomb…I’ve seen so many incredible videos\blogs about it! I hope you enjoyed reading this & find a product that you like the sound of, or maybe already have & just want to leave a little comment\question for me. Bye until next time my beauty’s 💞Leanne xx



FakeBake Oil Free Moisturizer Review post

The Fake Bake oil free Moisturizer is obviously made for before applying your tanning products but I find myself reaching for it on a daily basis. I’ve sensitive\dry skin & most other Moisturisers leave my skin with a shiny unattractive oily finish & don’t rehydrate my skin enough. Packed with antioxidants, ginger & green tea which superbly hydrate my skin & it’s rich emollients are perfect for soothing the most common irritable dry elbows, feet & knees areas. This was made for tanning, most Moisturisers that aren’t oil free actually hinder your tan as they prevent absorption of self tanning products! Fake Bake Moisturizer with no oil & it’s lightweight formula encourages the development of an even smooth looking tan. It also smells lovely but not over powering which is a big plus, It varies in price depending where you purchase it from but it’s £13:00 from Fake Bakes websitehttp://www.fakebake.co.uk/. I’ve tried this and don’t  think I’ll ever find a better, all round head to toe Moisturizer, I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. MissBlissLashes💞 xx 


Homemade 🍫choclotate🍫 fudge recipe. 

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So far I’ve only shared beauty posts\reviews but I want to add lifestyle, books & baking posts to as these are also things I enjoy. For my very first recipe blog post I’m definitely using the most easiest recipe I’ve ever used..so easy my fiancé could make it and that’s saying something believe me😉! There is no cooking time required and all you need is 4 ingredients, 15 minutes of preparation time & then you can relax & chill for a few hours while it does too.  

  1. 400g dark or milk cooking chocolate 
  2. 397g can of Nestle Carnation Condensed milk 
  3. 25g of butter * not margarine has to be butter*
  4. 100g of icing sugar
  5. You will also need baking parchment, a wooden spoon, sieve and a 20cm baking tin. 

Break the cooking chocolate into small chunks and place in a non stick saucepan with the whole can of condensed milk and butter. Melt the ingredients gently over a low\medium heat, stirring occasionally until smooth & velvety. Next sieve in the icing sugar & mix throughly (you can use an electric wisk if you prefer). Pour the fudge mixture into your baking parchment lined tin evenly as possible, pressing the fudge down & smooth over with the back of your wooden spoon. Lastly place the tin for 2 hours until completely set, remove and cut into square sized pieces…finished!! 

 I’ve made this so many times as its so easy & quick plus tastes absolutely yummy! When I make it I like to use half dark chocolate & half milk chocolate after one time I didn’t have enough milk chocolate so used half & half and it made it even more tasty! You can also add nuts or dried cranberries ect to the mix, I’ve made it before with dried cranberries and it gives it some added fruity flavour!

First Giveaway!

Absolutely love auberginereverie blog account, it’s not only so well written but you can tell this girl really knows her stuff & is passionate about her site. I’m just a new follower & she is so kind & helpful and always replys to your comments. If you’re not already then you should definitely be following her. Leanne xx


So I’ve been blogging since January and I’m so happy to announce that as of last week I now have 250 followers! To me this is such an achievement and I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t think I would get so many followers so quickly, its been a lot of work – but reading your comments everyday makes it more than worth it – and I cant believe how much fun it all is haha! I can’t tell you how much all of your support has meant to me and I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you. As a little way of saying thank you and to celebrate I’m doing a little giveaway. Its not huge since I’m a student and I don’t have a massive budget but I hope whoever wins really enjoys…

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5 Magical or misleading Mascaras? Let’s Review!!

If someone asked me, “what’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without”? It would definitely be mascara! I’ve really short, thin fair coloured eyelashes and not a huge fake eyelashes fan so mascara is my magical wand to lush, full fluttering eyelashes. Here are 5 mascaras I’ve been trying out recently & what I think of their performance, are they Magical or just misleading? I will do a separate blog post on my two favourite ones including before mascara & after mascara pictures of my eyelashes so you can actually see the results for yourself! 
Number 1: PlayBoy Cosmetics Sleek Lashes lengthening mascara. £6:39

This was the first time I’d ever used a Playboy Cosmetics product and was quite pleasantly surprised. I liked the thick circular shape & long length of the tube itself as I could pop it on the table without worrying about it falling over. It has a wide shaped applicator wand and is a black glossy shade with quite a thick consistency. It separated my eyelashes nicely and gave even coverage but I did find it a tad messy leaving dotage on my eyelids. It did give me longer glossy looking lashes, with no flakage and good staying power.

 Number 2: Collection cosmetics Longer Lash lengthening mascara £2:99 Brown/black 

This mascara was a gift from the other half and I’m sorry to say it failed for me on most levels! The bright orange tube I didn’t care for & I found the curved end of the wand tricky to keep a grip on. It’s a standard mascara brush and the formula has added fibres for “ultra lengthening”. I found it extremely thick & clumpy and having to wipe off excess mascara before applying. The first coat seemed to go ok but as I tried to build it up my lashes would stick together & look extremely clumpy. It did not lengthen my eyelashes in the slightest which was its main promise.  Also a big downside was it didn’t have much staying power at all, quite a lot of flakage leaving me with dark smudges by evening.
Number 3: Rimmel London Wonder’Full mascara with Argan oil £7:99 

This mascara had just launched & all my friends were talking about it so I had to get it & I’m so happy I did. The packaging is a curved coppery shade tube which looks extremely elegant & has the logo embellished on the top. As I’ve said, I have small eyes & thin lashes so big fluffy brushes are no good, This has a good-sized ultra flex brush with super soft thin bristles making it so easy to apply. The rich Argon oil formula, which keeps your lashes conditioned is so lightweight giving each eyelash even, smooth completely clump free coverage. I applied 2 coats and it gave me long full looking gorgeous lashes all day & evening no smudges or flaking. This is definitely my favourite Mascara just now. 

  Number 4: W7 Cosmetics Absolute Lashes £6:95

I’ve only just started using this mascara in the last week but it’s fast becoming a firm favourite. It comes in a sleek mirror like packaging & again as its flat on the bottom is one that you can pop down without worrying about it falling over! It has a perfectly sized flexible wand with soft bristles that hug each eyelash from root to tip & the formula is fab, not to thin or thick. It gave me even coverage, added volume & separated my eyelashes equally leaving them long lush & fluttery. There was no clumping or little bits of flakage in sight after 13hrs and being caught in the rain that day! 

 Number 5: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara free sample. 

A friend who does reviews gave me this & to be perfectly honest there’s no way I could afford a £20 mascara on my beauty budget! That being said I wish I could as out of EVERY mascara I’ve ever tried this has by far been the best. It’s stiff spiky bristles don’t play around & separate every single eyelash coating them individually with its light, high pigmented formula. After just one coat the volume but mostly length it added to my eyelashes was unbelievable!!

So that’s my little blog post on mascaras I’ve tried & tested and if I think they lived up to what they promise to do for your eyelashes. Out of all five there was only really one that I really didn’t like which may be a waste of money (as its going in the rubbish bin) to some people but to me it’s a lesson learned! I hope you enjoy reading this post & please leave a comment or question if you’d like to as I love hearing what you think too. Leanne xx 

💞 My 5 Favourite new products just now💞

I’ve learned that when it comes to beauty products there are so many amazing ones out there that you have to step out your comfort zone of the same products. So in this post I’m going to share with you 5 new products I’ve tried & what I think of them. 

Number 1: Soap & Glory Flakes away body polish.  I was sent a small tester of this from a friend & it’s so incredible it’s almost finished. Made with Shea butter, sea salt, sugar sweet almond oil it truly transforms bumpy skin to soft sheer & silky soft.

Number 2: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap Bar 250g £8:50 from Lush Cosmetics. I’ve had this soap twice the first was a slice which had the honey on top of the soap & my current 250g one that has the honey inside! It really is as Lush say “like bathing with creme brûlée” the scent of honey & caramel is heavenly & the soothing calming sweet orange & bergamot oils leave your skin super soft. 

 Number 3: FakeBake Passion fruit body Polisher 170ml £12:50. This is amazing at doing what it was created for, smooth softly polished tan ready skin. Most shower gels will leave a waxy residue which can hinder your tanning product working. This body polish contains tiny exfoliating Luufa particales which I found gently removes any dead skin cells without being harsh on my skin. With its natural formula including soothing Aloe Vera it’s perfect for my skin type & it also smells amazing!   

 Number 4: MOROCCANOIL treatment for hair 25ml £13:45. The bottle I have is from their mini kit and as someone with thick hair & a serious frizz problem this is a lifesaver! It’s suitable for all hair types & can be used along with other hair products. It promises to repair & transform your hair which I can 100% garuntee it did for me. It’s ultra light formula restores omega 3 oils, fatty acids & vitamins and has antioxidants for protection. It can be applied to damp or dry hair as a styling product. I’ve only used it on towel dried hair, concentrating on my scalp & roots, Immediately I noticed a big difference! For the first time in forever I had not only amazing glistening, soft shiny hair but my dreaded frizz was completely gone! This is a bit higher end priced for my budget but a little goes a long way & the results you get are worth it.  

 Number 5: Soap & Glory Heel Genuis foot cream 125ml £5:50. I was searching for a foot cream that actually worked when I decided to try this the pretty packaging caught my eye, plus I love the quirky names & little quotes on these, “better than a pedicure? “A miraculous moisturizing mix”. So after a long day on my feet I had a bath & applied the cream, which is a lovely green colour as directed. All over from heel to toes & then placed cotton socks on before bed to let the cream work its magic. It’s soothing hydrating formula is rich with Glycerin, bilberry, menthol & a faveorite ingredient of mine, Macadamia oil. The results were indeed marvellous! After just one application in the morning my feet were so soft, smooth no roughness or dry patches at all, they also seemed really lovely. Since then I’ve applied it every night & my feet have never looked or felt better!  


So that’s my little blog post on my 5 new favourite products I’m using just now. I’ve always been the type of buyer who sticks to tried & tested beauty products but I’ll definitely be trying out new things more. I also encourage you to do the same as you’ve nothing big to lose but could find an absolutely amazing product you’ll not be able to live without, for me it was the MOROCCANOIL hair treatment. I hope you enjoyed reading or found a product that sounds perfect for you. Leanne xx  

 here are the links if you’d like to purchase any of the above products. http://www.soapandglory.comhttps://www.lush.co.ukhttp://www.fakebake.co.uk and http://m.moroccanoil.com